Technical Records Software         


TechSoft is intended for Operators and Aircraft Maintenance Organisations  who want to control Technical Records.

TechSoft is the Aircraft Records Control (ARC)  Software that will satisfy EASA Part M Sub-part G  requirements when used within the framework of your Company MOE. 

TechSoft is simple to use and will track your Maintenance Program against your Aircraft, Forecasting  "Due Lists",  producing Work Packs, track a History of items completed, list out Components installed .

TechSoft can be downloaded  as a fully working Demo version  from the Download Button. The Demo version also contains the Manual and Training Video Clips to help you understand how it all works. You will need to download the accompanying PDF Document  for further details and instructions on how to install the TechSoft.Program.



Simple to use program

Based on the CAFAM Program data processing engine

One million records maximum per file

Single User version or Multi-user Network version available

Aircraft records maintained by Hours, Landings/Cycles or Days

Separate File for APU or HTR controlling Hours, Landings/Cycles or Days

Easy facility to globally update the files for Flight Times

Complete listing of Current Status of Call-ups and Rotable Components

Forecast ahead "Due List" per aircraft

Worksheets printed out on this Forecast

History of all Maintenance Call-ups previously satisfied

List of the Mandatory Status (AD's etc) of the Aircraft






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Last modified: APRIL   2023